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Application areas

Unique product identification in the areas:

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  • Cable and hoses
  • Electrical testing
  • Inventory
  • Maintenance
  • Resource management
  • Rentals and leasing services

Product features

See for yourself how Chipster performs compared to the competition

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Reference customers

These companies are already using the Chipster.

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CHIPSTER - The smart RFID solution

The Chipster, the RFID innovation from the company Carl Stahl, was developed for unique product identification. The product innovation combines the advantages of a cable tie with RFID technology. For this purpose a passive 13.56 MHz transponder is integrated at the head of the labelling tie. The high-quality ETFE material ensures a high flexibility and a simple and quick installation of the RFID solution.

The use of a dot reader is perfect for reading out the information, even when it is dirty. The Chipster can be used even in harsh industrial environments due to its properties.


Frequency: 13.56 MHz (ISO 15693)
Dimensions approx.: 250 mm x 4.7 mm x 1.6 mm
Material: ETFE
Colour: orange
Operating temperature: -30°C to +150°C

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Product features

See for yourself how Chipster - the smart RFID solution - performs compared to competitors

  Chipster Competition
Operating temperature -30°C to 150°C yes no
Frequency range 13.56 Mhz ISO 15693 yes yes
1 kB memory yes no
UV-resistant yes yes
Weather-resistant yes no
Oil-resistant yes no
Chemical resistance against most acids yes no
Silicon-free yes yes
Halogen-free yes yes
Non-flammable and self-extinguishing yes no
Protection class IP65 yes yes
RoHs compliant yes no
FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval yes no
High cut and tear resistance yes no
Flexibility yes yes
Labelling of small parts yes no
Use in metallic environment yes yes
Special protection of the integrated transponder yes no
Minimises confusion with normal cable ties yes no
Additional feature of colour clip - unique colour coding (e.g. year of the last inspection.) yes no


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Customer opinion

"We have decided to use the Chipster. The installation is quick and reading is possible even when dirty. "

Manfred Jörgl, Service staff

Reference customers

Here you can see a selection of our customers who have been successfully using the Chipster.


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